Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2 Letters, One Delivered, One Not

Dear Mr. Prince (interim property manager, The Winton Hotel, SF),

I hope this letter finds you doing well this evening.

Me, not so good.

On the eve of receiving an answer, or a meeting time to discuss, my request that Tenderloin Housing Clinic, The Winton Hotel, and you Mr. Luke Prince, instiigate or perform an investigation into my charges that my neighbors, Sylvia Room 426, Jack Room 428, and Michael Room 327, fume my room, and by fuming I mean, using a mechanical device, to inject a substance into my room that produces the following symptoms in me: dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, generalized pain, anxiety, depression, anger, forgetfullness, suicide ideations, hopelessness, fear, worry, and confusion.

This fuming of my room began within days of moving into the Winton Hotel on September 1, 2017 and came from Sylvia and Jack's rooms respectively.  Micheal room 327, came later, when he moved from the 4th floor some months ago.  The frequency of these initial fumings in the beginning, were,  if I were to guess, 1 to 2 times per day.  The frequency today is non-stop, around the clock.  Just so we're clear on this.

Within days too of moving into the Winton, I filled a complaint and a request for an investigation and since then have repeatedly have done the same.  But I have not received a written statement as to why this fuming continues despite my constant complaining about this to Mrs. Leslie Valdez, Property Manager of the Winton Hotel.  Specifically, and I'm requesting this again, in writing from, Mrs. Leslie Valdez, explaining to me, what interventions has she performed on my behalf regarding my charges against my neighbors.  Because I have not received anything even approximating that.

i also too want to include another room to this list: and I'm not sure what gender, or more specifically, what species this thing is: but they live in room 330.

I too, and this is based on my first-hand experience with dealing with non-profit/governmental employees, but I will find unacceptable, if your decicision is to deny me an investigation includes any of the following words or phrases:

1. by the look on his  face
2. from the way he walked
3. God appeared to me in a dream
4. his/her credentials included a degree in Sociology with Basic Math
5. my gut feelings tell me
6. Madame Ruby says
7. Crystal Ball informed me
8. little green men on a spaceship

Ok, then, I'm hoping to post some audio recordings from the last couple of days to my blog and youtube account.  And too I might do another 'youtube live' broadcast.  I'm thinking too about inviting a bevy of injury attorneys to one of my broadcasts.  Do you know of any, per chance?  And so with that said, have a good evening Sir.

And could you please too place all my correspondance with you into my tenant file, and the same goes for you Mr. Glenn Loutey.

Rich Porter
445 O'Farrell Street Room 427
San Francisco, California

cc: Glen Loutey, VA


A letter I did not send.  A summary of the outcome of the meeting, with the two gentlemen mentioned, but I did not include the females name who also attended

Hey, Luke Prince, and Glen Loutey,
I thank each of you for meeting with me Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

So after the meeting Thursday to find out what investigation has been performed by Leslie Valdez (former Property Manager) , or Luke Prince (Interim Property Manager), I needed some air and space and so decided to walk to  Market Street, when I came across a woman who was just seconds before run over by a city bus, and  now she's lying on the street, blood everywhere, begging me for help, seriously injured she is.  But right behind that bus is another bus, and now, not only is she seriously injured, but she's too at risk, of being serioussly injured twice, because another city bus is barreling her way.  Now, given that not one of you 'threw  in the towell' in favor of an investigation, and yet seemingly instead behaved as if you each wanted to punish me even more for trying to thwart Jack from continually fuming my room.  I'm not really sure what each of you would do, and perhaps I'm the aberation, that is, after nine months of asking for an investigation, I'm still denied one, and while it's true it's a police matter, I bet I:ve contacted them at least 50 times, but the promised Investigator never materialized, and to think that police treat the folks who live in these hotels like 'normal' people, while I haven't seen any statistics, I'm willing to bet you, my experience is probably a lot like others who populate  these ancient Hotels, and too denied an Investigator.

My first instinct was to run up to her and wave my hands to show the bus driver that a wounded pedestrian is in the path, but then I thought, wait, aren't I in a similar situaltion, that is, possibly seriously injured,  and at risk of being seriously injured, and the very folks charged with keeping me housed, keeping me safe, keeping me happy, isnt  that what the customers of this Hotel expect, (I almost wikipediaed it (customer)) deny me aide, citing the following reasons:

It's the police's job

reviewing the video surviellance tape is too time consuming

Couldn't tell, what room,  the audio was coming from

And something about Luke's job being about property (I didn't understand this one)

Something about confindentiality 

I just want you guys to know that you are not at  risk of being sued by someone you aide who is seriously injured or at risk of being seriously injured because of the Good Samaritan law.  So if too, this was a factor in your decision not to aide me, I just wantyou to rethink you're stance, per chance, you too, will come across someone lying in the street, and so take comfort in knowing your valient efforts  will not be punished because of the Good Samaitan Law.

Years ago there was a big to do made of this woman who was beaten and raped while people in a nearby building ignored her calls for help.

And so after knowing now for certain that neither of the three of you has lifted a pinky finger to investigate my charges, I'm wondering if you did violate a law.

The law is known as 'Duty to Rescue' and Wikipedia describes it as follows:

A duty to rescue is a concept in tort law that arises in a number of cases, describing a circumstance in which a party can be held liable for failing to come to the rescue of another party in peril.

But then too your very own mission statement rings hollow to me because I see it's riddled with clauses, exceptions, fine print, and form letters, and too seems incongruent with denying me an investigation, but perhaps I'm the only one reading it to mean, 'we'll work with you in resolving this problem, approaching it in a scientific way so as to not let feelings and opinions and stereotypes gain the upper hand in decisions regarding keeping you housed.  That's a mouth full.  Because if these fumes induce an heart attack in me and I die, this may place me at serious risk of not reamaining housed, because I'd have by then moved on to the big house in the sky.  I should be so lucky.  But I dont think you guys see this relationship between aiding  the resident and them remaining housed.  Perhaps, some training could rectify that, or a new job a Sears.

Of course, I'll talk more about these topics at a latter date for this and other assundry reasons because I do sometimes fancy myself a client advocate.  Should I wikipedia that word too?

Rich Porter
Winton Hotel Resident
Room 427

Jack Is Faced with A Problem