Monday, July 09, 2018

Letter to my Attorney

Hey ,
I first want you to understand that when a person who is being stalked, monitored, hacked into, and fumed, they have far too much to do than can be expected of one person to perform.
So with that said, I wanted to tell you that about 2 weeks ago a fellow who had been fuming my room  quite strongly btw, passed away.  I don't know what he passed away from, but i suspect strongly that the chemical/substance used to fume my room with played a role in it.  I've been meaning to get some more details regarding his death and the hospital where he passed at, but I simply haven't had time.   And too  there's a long story on how he came to begin fuming me, which if you think we should pursue further, I would be glad to share that story and the audio and some video I have of Micheal.

But again, when one is in the position I'm in, i have to attend to me, because I truly fear dying as a result of this substance they inject into my room and while I'm standing in line at GLIDE..  And a new symptom that began for me a couple of months ago is a numbing sensation in my right arm, which in some ways has served me well, because it signals to me to remove myself from the area which made my arm go numb, for example, around my sink area in my room or at GLIDE.  And don't suggest I go to a doctor or hospital because I'm so angry with them for not helping me when i reached out to them in the beginning, and not just once, but on several occassions, that I've concluded I'd brother die than face that rejection again.
But the main reason I'm writing to you is this:

So today, I go to the lobby thinking I'll take a nap, and btw, I do a lot of sleeping in the lobby, but anyway, I notice a fellow named Richard, who lives very near me on the forth floor descend down the stairs with a plastic spray container in his hand.  And so he goes to the area of the first floor where the management offices and some resident rooms are located.

Now, I know Richard is very involved in this stalking and fuming of me here, and so in less than 5 minutes he comes back around and enters the elevator to return to the forth floor and to his room.

And so when he begins ascending I run up the stairs and I catch him in the small hallway that leads to my room and I ask him what's he doing here, and he replies, he knocked on my door to ask me about another neighbor's whereabouts adding he hadn't seen Chris in a couple of days.

Now understand a couple of things: 1) he's holding that container in his hand 2) Richard and I are not on speaking terms and he has never come to my door in the past 2) When Richard descended the stairs he can't help but see me because where I sit in the lobby is only about 6ft from the stairway 4) the neigbor in question Saturday night was questioned by police in the hallway and too he's repeatedly opened and closed his door that very night to even wake the gods, so for Richard to say he's hasn't heard from Chris in serveral days is a lie.
Now this occured today, Sunday, July 8 2018 at 1:15pm.  Now you mentioned I've been alloted some time to compel the managment staff here to review the video surveillance camera's video, but how shall I go about this?  And how does it work?  Can I attend for example?

I thought I should ask you before I submitted my complaint to the new interim acting property manager, a fellow named Manny, whom, I haven't even met yet, because I want to make sure I dot my i's and cross my t's, because this could be a very important break, especially if the video reveals him spraying my door with the container he holds in one hand.

Ok, then, let's see where this goes, because too.....

Rich Porter
445 O'Farrell Street, Room 427
sorry, but I still don't have a phone service