Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bed Time

Daughter:  Daddy, do you love Mama?

Dad:  I love your Mother very much Pumpkin.

Daughter:  Then why is she gone?

Dad:  Can you promise to keep a secret?

Daughter:  I think I can.

Dad:  Your Mother has turned into an angel and now
she's in heaven living with the other angels, and
God too!

Daughter:  Daddy, please don't cry!

Dad:  I'm sorry Honey.  Daddy just hasn't been himself
lately, has he?

Daughter:  That's okay Daddy.  I still love you.

Dad:  Thank's Pumpkin. Your Mama's gone away and she
won't be returning.  Do you know any Spanish words

Daughter:  Are we moving again Daddy?

Dad:  I'm afraid so Pumpkin.

Daughter:  But I'll miss Mom so much.

Dad:  Don't be afraid Pumpkin; Mom will always be as
close as a couple of feet away.

Daughter:  Is Mom underneath the bed?

Dad:  Yep.  Right next to your Brother.

Daughter:  Timmy?

Dad:  Yep.

Daughter:  I love you Dad.

Dad:  I love you too Pumpkin.  Sweet Dreams.

Daughter:  (Aside) I doubt it very seriously.

Dad: Goodnight Sweatheart.

Daughter:  Daddy, please leave the light on.

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