Sarah Palin and the MSM

Sarah Palin, after flubbing the Katie Couric interview decided
to eshew the main stream media and insulate herself instead
within the warm confines of Fox News et al.  Well, this
avoiding of such is beginng to turn hot and will soon begin to
boil.  I think she's made a huge tactical error by not facing up
to the MSM head-on, from the beginning.  Because if you don't,
and which is our American custom, then you haven't been
properly vetted.  And because of the tension building I believe
that when she finally does face the MSM that this will lead to
her final unraveling.  Like Jan Brewer with the beheadings. And
we'll finally be done with her!  We won't feel too bad because
she'll have left us alone a very rich woman.  Silver and Swag!

Or, she'll become our next President!

Who can say!  But after Republicans have given us the likes
of Reagan and Bush, nothing surprizes me anymore.

And while I'm at it, has anyone here ever examined her tweets?
(no pun intended) They seem to me like something a cheerleader
in HS would compose.