Former Sec of State Condoleezza Rice On Current Politics

As Quoted From the Washington Post:

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Condoleezza Rice on Dick Cheney's charge that Obama
had weakened the country.

"Nothing in this president's methods suggests this president
is other than a defender of America's interests."

On critiquing the current administration," Rice said "I know
that it's a lot easier out here than it is in there, and these are
patriotic people who are trying to do their best every day."

On Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I think she is doing a lot of the
right things. . . . She is very tough. . . . I think she has done
a fine job, I really do."

"Rice even chastised former House speaker Newt Gingrich
(R-Ga.) for his assertion that Obama has a "Kenyan,
anticolonial" worldview. "That's over the top, and I don't
think very helpful," she told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC."