Saturday, November 13, 2010

film review: mr. miller goes to washington...OR ELSE!

"Mr. Miller Goes to Washington...OR ELSE!" The story of a
perpetually unshaven ne'er-do-well who overcomes a string
of improbable self-inflicted wounds to become a defender of
constitutional conservatism in a most unlikely manner. He
challenges votes for his write-in opponent that read
"Murkowski, Lisa," as being obvious protest votes for ......
you guessed it, Joe Miller! The logic is impeccable, as his
opponent is Lisa Murkowski, not Murkowski, Lisa.
Emboldened by the shamelessness of his ballot count
observers, he challenges ballots spelled perfectly, but in
CURSIVE, which of course is NOT how Lisa Murkowski's
name appeared on her write-in petition. None of this
succeeds, nor does his filing a lawsuit in Federal court on a
State election law matter -- it's thrown out. However, he has
one last card to play in the form of William Fulton and
DoltZone Security, who kidnap the improbable victor,
Murkowski, and threaten to "snowboard" her unless..."Mr.
Miller Goes to Washington....OR ELSE!" Rated NC-17 for
tortured logic and shameless manipulation of the will of the

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