Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Intolerance and me.

 Mildred Loving and her husband Richard in 1967

Today racial tensions are considerably lax and there is more equality between minorities and Caucasians. For this reason, people take for granted that racism is no longer existent. Contrary to this line of thinking, there are still, in certain parts, an underlying animosity to nonwhite citizens, specifically African Americans.

In a society where intolerance is intolerable, the remaining vestige of America's spotty past have been driven underground. Like roaches they they try to remain out of sight, scurrying away when any focus is brought upon their true feelings toward minorities. Those still with bigotry in their hearts are left to voice their narrow-minded opinions in hushed tones and in secret. Being white, those that hold a racial grudge feel as though I'm their confidant. I am not. I cannot identify with you, no more than I can help your ignorance.

In doesn't even take an indoctrination in hatred though. Despite increasing depiction by the media of characters in interracial relationships it is still an underlying belief that dating a person from your own race is the, "Norm." The discovery of relations with someone who does not share your same heritage is often met with statements such as, "I didn't know you were dating a black woman!" I for one know.

I am white and my fiance, who I've been with for six years is African American. While I'm proud to say that for the most part this has not been a factor in dealing with most people there have still been times I have dealt with varying degrees of prejudice, from strange looks from people in public, to outright harassment. I was told this week by a supervisor that I am a traitor and betraying my race and that if I ever had children that I would be helping kill the white race.

Some people lack the understanding that love knows no boundaries. Sometimes you can't help but love someone in spite of any differences that you may have with them. For this reason I make no apologies and I will not dictate MY life to what someone might deem as acceptable to them. For the people who still harbor this racial animosity, if you are the stewards of MY race I will be more than glad to drive the nails in the coffin.

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