Sunday, December 26, 2010

MTV, Mommy Teen Viewing

If you feel compelled, for some odd reason, to tune into Mtv nowadays you'll find that a large portion of their programming is dedicated to the shows, 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom. At any given time of day they will be airing this show, I'm willing to put money on that statement. One would think that given the market for teen pregnancy shows there has to be a large recruiting pool of expectant teen moms. My fiance and I argued about this fact.

She pointed out that clearly teen pregnancy must be continuing to be an epidemic in the United States, and that years ago it wasn't as bad. I countered that the increased exposure leads one to falsely believe this. Guess who was right.

According to the CDC's most recent publication of National Vital Statistics Report for 2009(pdf), the birthrate for those under 20 fell by 6%, marking the lowest level ever recorded in seven decades. This falling trend spread across all race groups and minorities.

So perhaps instead of portraying a trend, these shows are helping curb it instead.

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