Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Statement to Pamela Grothaus


Your article, So Much for the First Amendment! was brought to my attention earlier today. After reading the quoted text from your original article, that was (gasp!) removed from the site I don't find it surprising that it was removed. At first I had thought about contacting you for the full transcript myself before writing up a rebuttal, but judging just by the two paragraphs quoted on this site alone, I am pretty positive that I am correct in my assumptions that there couldn't have been any sort of intelligent point contained in the words that you shat out and called an article.

You claim that you were being sarcastic and using the point of pedophiles serving in the military as a special group to prove a point. I cannot believe for one minute that you could have been stupid enough to equate pedophiles and bestiality to homosexuals and be completely puzzled by any sort of backlash that could involve. Oh no, but now your post was removed and you can claim to be the victim of unjust indignation, and censorship, and whine about how your rights are being trampled.

Furthermore, you claim to have statistics to back up your point.

"...the fact that dozens of retired military chaplains have appealed to President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates to keep DADT in place..."

I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that the religious right time and time again vilifies the homosexual community. For a religion that preaches peace and love there is a lot of hate. Understanding is out the window if my beliefs or lifestyle don't sit well with you.

Speaking of which, who cares if military chaplains don't agree with the repeal of DADT? Last election, some people voted for McCain, I don't believe churches of any denomination should enjoy tax free exemptions, some people think homosexuals shouldn't serve in the military, but guess what? You can't always have your way. Sometimes you win, and others you lose. I know it sucks, but it's an inescapable fact of democracy. If you don't think that's fair there's always the alternative of fascism and if you think your rights are being violated now, just wait.

..."the moral dilemma imposed on our military by the repeal of this policy..."

This statement alone is without much thought. I seriously doubt that the MORAL dilemma of having people who love and are attracted to someone different than what is considered usual, are FAR outweighed by the moral dilemma of having to take people's lives in the line of service. I mean seriously think about that one for a moment.

In summation, hate is hate no matter how you slice it. Back it up with whatever justification you think you need. You can throw as many statistics at it as you want but what it boils down to is intolerance. Believing that one group of people is inferior to you, or not "correct" in the way they do things.

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