Thursday, December 16, 2010

New group founded to combat bipartisanship

This week a group of concerned politicians from both sides came together to launch a new group, No Labels.

Their purpose, as stated on their website,
"Just as citizen movements have played an important role in America since its inception, it is time for another movement, one based on No Labels and the merit of ideas.  Thanks to the technological innovation available today, we can break down the old hierarchies of power and influence. True Democracy is possible today because we can tether together online, share our concerns and ideas, and exert enormous influence. Today, we join together and connect with one another, and we can make all our voices heard as our Founding Fathers intended."
I, for one, am eager to see if this group can possibly steer the country in the right direction. I feel that for too long the dominance and long standing feuding of the left and right is hindering political progress in this country. Amidst the squabbling between both sides the voice of the American people, those who THEY are supposed to be representing, is being drowned out. The public opinions and beliefs are being ignored, in their place are ideas and policies that tow the line and jive right with their own party's agendas.

I can only hope that this group is successful in helping put an end to the petty bipartisanship fighting in Washington and put the focus back on reasonable ideas and legislation that can work for America and it's citizens. If this group is just a footnote in American political history I'm afraid the only other way to for change is a rebellion by the people and for the people, even then, who's to say that that would ever occur.

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