Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Senate Republicans Let 9-11 First Responders Suffer

House Republicans blocked a measure, 255 GOP votes against, that would fund adequate health care for first responders to ground zero on 9-11 on the basis that $7.4 billion cost was not viable with growing federal deficits.  This while during the same week Republicans are pushing for an extension of tax cuts that will add $900 billion to the national debt.

This is outrageous. With troops deeply entrenched in Iraq, for its part in the Sept 11th attacks, WMD's, spreading democracy, oil, Republicans no longer have to give two shits about the victims of 9-11.  Many heroic Americans are suffering from illness and injury from rushing to help fellow fallen Americans and Republicans say no!  These representatives make me sick. The 255 Republicans and 4 Democrats who voted against this bill should be taken out and shot.

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