Misguided Anger and the Rise of Fanatical Politics

To think that back that at one time, it was regarded as being a faux pas to discuss politics with complete strangers, now everyone is shoving their political points down each others throats. Why?

The past several years have been turbulent in the United States. The mortgage crisis, economic fall out, and rising unemployment have all been big burdens for everyone in America. These hardships that are plaguing Americans, I feel, are the main contributing factors to the polarization and aggressive political atmosphere today.

It is in the hopelessness that many Americans are feeling they are turning to those in government to save them. The leaders and personalities of the political parties grant them their saviors, who are revered nearly at demigod like status. These gods among men are worshiped and praised by their followers and with just as much righteousness, defended tooth and nail against naysayers. Not that there is anything wrong with having strong convictions and standing behind your beliefs, but the infallibility credited to these politicians and political groups by their loyal masses is insane.

This blind faith in one's party can lead to viewing the world as, us v.s. them, or Rep v.s. Dem. With a handy enemy to refer to, I feel that a lot of the resentment between the parties is a result of people's misguided anger and frustrations at the way things are today. This constant state of political battle between these two groups though is detrimental.

While the two sides battle it out in the Senate, House, and campaign trail, the important issues are being forgotten. No longer in scope is the good of the nation as a whole, but what means better suits the political party's ideal end. Even if it means cutting funds for vital welfare programs for those who need it or restricting a person's right to legally defend themselves and their property, a certain group's narrow-minded agenda might meet their own beliefs, it runs the risk of alienating others.

Today there needs to be more unity than ever before. The public and politicians need to come together and realize that the way the political sphere is today is caustic and counter productive. It's only through working together and reasonable compromise that our country can regain stability and once again flourish, for EVERY man, woman, and child.