Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sanders Not Only One Fundraising Off Tragedy

It was previously reported on this site that Representative Bernie Sanders, was using the Arizona shootings for fund raising purposes. He's not alone now in his attempts to bring in donations off of this terrible event.

Tea Party Express, a group based out of California, sent a recent email to its supporters reading,

"Instead of prayers for the victims and their families, the Left was consumed with using this massacre to score political points by blaming the tea party movement, Gov. Sarah Palin and now Rush Limbaugh.

Who do these people think they are?  First they have the audacity to blame us for a mass murder, and now they try to tell us what we can or cannot say and/or do.  They think they can dictate what kind of defense we are allowed to offer for ourselves after they falsely accuse us of being responsible for the wrongdoing of a mentally ill member of society.
Sorry, but we're not going to stand for that kind of treatment.  We here in the tea party movement have done absolutely nothing wrong.  And we are not going to be told to shut up and sit down, when this tragedy has nothing to do with the wonderful, patriotic and peaceful tea party movement. 
If liberals think they can engage in such outrageous behavior than they need to realize it will backfire on them.  No friends, we won't be silenced, instead we will show them that their attacks on us will only result in us being stronger.
That's why we've asked you for your support.  Let's show the Left that instead of us being silenced, that there awful attacks on us will only backfire and that the tea party movement will be stronger than ever! 
Please, make a contribution online right now to the Tea Party Express - 


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