Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Timeout from The Blame Game

As a contributor to this blog, I felt it necessary to take a moment to clear the air and be specific about a few things regarding yesterday's shooting in Arizona.

First off, let me say that I, as well as the others who post to this collective wholeheartedly condemn the actions taken by Jared Loughner. Regardless of your moral compass or your political ideals, violence simply cannot be tolerated as an avenue for change. You can never truly convert someone by the barrel of a gun. It is only through rational discussion and dialogue can reason be reached. Someone who does no harm to the safety of others should ever live in fear for their own safety.

Regardless of what others may advocate, we are all charged with a personal responsibility to act civilly toward one another. In saying such, I also condemn any group or person who may advocate otherwise. These groups or people who advocate anything other than a civil dialogue should be held accountable for their actions, by whatever manner is prescribed by law. It is, after all, only a through a mutually beneficial agreement between all men promising not to go bat-crap crazy on each other that makes this world a decent place to live.

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