Saturday, March 12, 2011

richardporter Interview

Interviewer: richardporter, is it true that you are the Grandson of a Baptist Minister?

richardporter: It's true.

I: Is it true still that you have fire and brimestone within you blood?

rp: I think it's safe to say that.

I: Are you prepared to defend that statement?

rp: Maybe, I haven't been feeling well lately.

I: Do you think you're capable of speaking to the Tea Partiers?

rp: I think I will be capable of answering your question but excuse me for a sec for I have to meet with Bubba.

{4 hours pass}

I: Do you now feel prepared to answer my question?

rp: Could you repeat the question again?

I: Do fire and brimestone factor into your life?

rp: Yea sure. I'm sure it does.

rp: And btw, I'm feeling something. A warm tingly feeling followed by a very deep valley. We're not taking on water are we?

I: We're in Manhattan!

rp: Thank God.

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