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I'm a Democrat, a man. 20 year Air Force retiree. I am a proud member of the Democratic party. You say "democrat" just like Rush and we are rats...oooh I get it..Democ.."rats"! Wow that is so funny. Did Rush tell you to say that? A man is and will always be something you can never be. True to people and to this great country. Follow Glenn and Rush and let them get rich, you are already doing it. But when your time comes when you need help or when you retire from your job....Glenn and Rush! See how much they care about you. You are a fool. A giant, idiotic, moronic right wing christian conservative who watches FOX news. The rich need your stupidity and you give it to them with your pants down around your ankles. I might be a "rat" But like a rat I will be here forever to save your stupid soul and body from the likes of Glenn and Rush. It's Ok. I forgive you. They are playing you for fools and you slurp it up. Join the "RATS"...the Democrats. If you do Glenn and Rush ain't got no chance.

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