Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jose Vargas, illegal immigrants, bigots

Great, just freaking great. I've got a terrible new quandry today (don't I always?) and only mere hours to make a decision.

Am I going to watch Jose Vargas become the new liberal cause celebrite' tonight or am I going to spend the evening locked in a separate room from the kids devouring every sexy move made by my new not-so-secret middle-aged crush, Michael Weston, on the season premier of Burn Notice? I love that guy. I think I love his girlfriend more. I love his friends and enemies. I even love his Mother and the cloud of disgusting cigarette smoke that swirls around her head all the time.

Michael Weston

Dang! I suppose I will have to DVR Burn Notice and hang on the words on Jose Vargas because I'm hoping his story sends a great big F-you to the bigoted hate mongers who somehow have the impression that your intelligence and worth to the good ole USA decreases in direct proportion to the darkness of your skin.

Really, that's what this whole immigration thing is about -- hatred of color. If you don't recognize it, you're as big an idiot as "them." You know, the "them" that wants to create open season on anyone who looks Mexican.

I feel particularly qualified to speak on this subject because I am a Lily white, blond with blue eyes who started life as a Bootleg Princess in Georgia surrounded by other Lily white belles who now think Mexicans have invaded our country so we can give their children welfare and free medical care while we break our poor lil ole white backs pushing pencils in the air conditioning.

How I became a Jewish Princess is a story for a slower news day. Let's just say I had been practicing for the role all my life when my prince finally rescued me.

Jose Vargas

Back to color.

I'm hoping America will see the intelligence, the worth, the value, the esteemed work Pulitzer Prize winning Vargas has brought to this country and understand it ain't about a bunch of lazy idiots trying to take advantage of them. It's about people wanting a better life and being willing to risk it all and work like hell to achieve it.

It's about human beings just like you, only smarter and more ambitious, you freaking jerk!

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