Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OK, Now What?

After reading my bio and resume, Richard has invited me to join his blog, which is just about the only kind of writing I have never done -- the only reason I would agree to write for free. Free writing is something I try to avoid if at all possible and have even wondered if I could withhold allowance money for teacher's notes.

Apparently, a description of myself as a very left-leaning Jewish liberal and the quintessential Jewish Mother of two, who tells hilariously embellished stories about her kids and crazy life must have appealed to his sense of humor.

So, naturally, I got nothing today.

Of course, the fact that right now one kid is not only riding, but doing wheelies, on a scooter in my ceramic tiled foyer, my husband is asking me questions about what caused the teenager's latest door-slamming fit and actually expects me to answer while I'm typing something that is obviously not as important as his questions, and I see the dog out of the corner of my eye jumping on to a pile of clean clothes that needs to be folded, and all of this is happening to the Star Wars theme song provided by a wonderful little toy called a light saber might have something to do with why I'm not feeling particularly humorous at the the moment.

I don't know, maybe I just have a hard time multitasking.

Mr. Teenager has returned to the fray, but the good thing about a teen is that he must stop every fews words or so to either read an incoming text or send one back to the people who are really important in his life -- his friends.

So, the beginning of my blogging career begins just like the beginning of everything in my life -- right in the middle of swirling chaos created by loved ones wondering why the hell I might be slightly irritable that not one of them has noticed I am doing something not related to serving them.

Later, I will have to tell you what I think about the Chasidic group Richard is featuring today. If you're one of them, don't bother with me because my words will surely (or hopefully) cause your head to swivel around and around like the little girl, Regan, in "The Exorcist."

See you soon.

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