Monday, June 06, 2011

Review of Sarah Palin's New Film 'The Undefeated' by film-maker Stephen K. Bannon

The Film "The Undefeated" translated from the Wasillian by film-maker Stephen K. Bannon is a two hour film about a family's unrequited love for a mentally handicapped woman.

One scene from the Film on Sarah's childhood is particulary moving:

"Then things just stayed put: Sarah's baffling inability to understand anything; her clumsy, late first steps, which she soon abandoned in favor of swaying from one foot to the other; her awkward imitations of their gestures, waving good-bye by throwing up her arm, as if on a spring, her fingers held rigidly together, or using the wrong movement from an already tiny repertoire, like stiffly using her forearm to scratch her head; the great, vivid emptiness of her eyes in which her parents could see nothing but their own intensified distress; the excruciating slowness of it all was enough to drive anyone mad."

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