Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cindy Anthony's Testimony Impeached!

In another blow to the defense, Cindy Anthony's testimony from last Friday was impeached today. Last Friday, Cindy Anthony testified that it was she who executed all the searches on their home computer for chloroform. Today, the prosecution called an expert from Gentiva, who is the healthcare provider where Cindy Anthony was employed. He testified as to how their system works. Prosecution then called Cindy's former boss, who said she was at work during the time the home computer was searching for chloroform - she never went home for a few minutes or any other time, as that would have been illegal. And then the defense got up and asked the gentleman from Gentiva when he was called to testify. "Last Friday." he replied. Which is when Cindy anthony perjured herself.

Now, Cindy's been through enough. I would never wish what has happened to her on my worst enemy. And no one in the legal system is going to prosecute Cindy for perjury. But they will impeach her testimony from last Friday. And if I was a juror, I would be more than a little miffed at having to sit through an extra day of testimony because of Cindy's lies. So, not only was it not a good move on the part of the defense to counsel Mrs. Anthony to take the stand and lie last Friday, it may have double whammy that now those jurors are angry at Mrs. Anthony, and figures her daughter is a liar as well. And where I come from that's called karma.

George Anthony testified for the last time seemingly for the defense, but as he got up to leave the witness box, he wiped his hands in the defense's direction. Then he glared at Casey while he walked out of the courtroom. She kept her head down. Casey's a schmuck.

Because for 22 years, Casey's has held this family prisoner. She has manipulated this family through her behavior; look at the rift she caused with Lee when she was pregnant. She knew how to play Cindy, and she knew when to play George. Why wasn't she in school, preparing for the future for her daughter and herself? If she'd spent that time actually working at something, she would have been pretty good at it by now. She spent so much time and energy lying; and the lies were only to benefit herself in some way. She never thought of anyone but herself. Even now, she has no emotion for her father's tears at her behalf.

But it's over. Tomorrow is off. The judge is calling the jury back on Sunday at 9 a.m. for instructions and closings.

Matthew Bartlett's parents must be so proud. 28 years old and he's still a putz! Oy vey!

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