Pixelasana's Introduction to the World

Not Pixelasana

Hi.  I love your blog.  I have a BS in journalism from Boston University.  I also have an MFA from Columbia University in creative writing.  I'm also a photographer (Rochester Institute of Technology 1970) who knows both film and digital.. I'm not Jewish per se, but I attended these fine universities so I could be considered Jewish when I got out.  My husband is Jewish, not religious, just talks loud.

Very refreshing in this state of Florida to find someone who does not idolize Palin - I'm rather alarmed at all the McCain /Palin stickers I see where they've ripped off the McCain part and just have Palin on their pick-up truck.  I think Jon Stewart re-enacted Paul Revere's ride one night, trying to ring bells and load his musket at the same time.  This just proves all the programmed assassins are on the far right -

I would love to work with you.

Thanks very much for your time.