Sunday, February 07, 2010

Heath Care Reform

I feel a sea change occurring in Obama regarding
Health Care Reform.

He is hinting lately at that it's no longer an issue of
the Democratic Party but instead will now be put
upon the Republican Party to determine the ultimate
outcome of the pending health care legislation.

And I agree with Obama. I feel as Democrats we
have taken on many slings and arrows, which we've
shown historically to be good at, but as a result of
this great sacrifice we will probably lose more seats
than are traditionally lost during a mid-term election.

Let's also look at Education, if the Republicans want
to cut it to bone I say so be it. What could possibly
go wrong?

And when it comes to Cap and Trade: Man doesn't
affect his environment, are you crazy? Let's Drill
Baby Drill!

Public Works, so what if a semi hits a pot hole the
size of a golf cart and kills eight families it was

And abortion, so what if we lose a few teenage girls
to back alley abortion facilities, they were whores to
begin with, right, and Jesus would have wanted it
that way, wouldn't he?

Again, I agree with Obama, we've laid out our vision
of what America should look like, now it's up to the
Republicans to take on a few slings and arrows.

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