Thursday, February 04, 2010


Richard, you've been a blogger now for a couple of weeks,
can you tell us your initial reaction?

When I began my blog I didn't realize the commitment
required to make it successful. You can't just begin a
blog and think everyone will suddenly begin coming to
your site. What I'm saying is I didn't realize the many
different hats one must wear to make it successful.

Richard, you're obviously wearing many hats in this start
up venture. What has been your biggest challenge?

You realize instantly that you're both provider of content,
webmaster, and marketer all rolled up into one. And
while you instinctively want to focus on content you
find that in order to grow your site you must give equal
time to webmaster duties and marketing too.

What web sites are you trying to emulate?

Two sites that I admire greatly are Matt Drudge of and Paul Thain of

Is it true that has now banned you
twice from their site?

It's true, and I wear that distinction like a badge of honor.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of months?

I hope in couple of months to be able to narrow my focus,
and perhaps, as my Dad has suggested, break up my blog
into two different subject areas: one for politics and one for
fiction writing. I also hope to be able to appear on google
seach, perhaps add adsense, and add more applications
to my site to make it user-friendly and fun for viewers, and
lastly to continue to improve upon the content.

One last question, can you do these things alone?

Unfortunately I feel I have no other choice but I'm confident
that in the end whether or not I am successful I will have
gained comfort from the fact that I tried.

Good Luck!

Thank You.

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