Monday, February 01, 2010

Oh My

Washington - The Justice Department announced today
that Michelle Malkin, Blogger and Syndicated Columnist,
has been sent to an internment camp at an undisclosed
location in the Modovi Desert.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed
this report stating that "Ms. Malkin has been deemed an
enemy combatant of the United States."

Ms. Malkin who suffers from a rare orthodontic disease
named the 'cry wolf syndrome' had this to say in a
telephone interview: "I now feel vindicated for having all
these years spent warning Americans of Obama's desire
to become a Marxist Dictator."

Contradicting the White House's characterization of Ms.
Malkin, Navy Under Secretary Robert Boyle noted
Michelle's contribution to America citing the use of her
recorded voice via loud speakers to ward off would be
attackers of American ships off the coast of Somalia.

Van Johnson, ex Green Czar, and victim of Ms. Malkin's
jaw anomaly had this to say: "On behalf of all black
children everywhere I applaud this move in the hope that
now our children can go to bed at night without a case
of the willies."

The tipping point in the investigation according to FBI
documents came when an anti-american taliban inspired
recruiting film surfaced on the internet. In the video Ms.
Malkin and other suspected conservative women can be
seen recruiting young teenage girls into joining their
crusade to overthrow the Obama administration and
replace it with Sarah Palin, 'by any means necessary,'
as one Jihadist, Pamela Gellar, can be overheard saying
in the video.

Pamela Gellar, aka, The Bikini Cougar, long time
suspected terrorist, and coiner of the phrase: "We Want
Our Country Back" is now rumored to be hiding out in a
cave in NW Afghanistan. Ali Muhammad Frankenheimer,
a neighbor, who lives a few caves down from Ms.Gellar,
had this to say regarding Ms. Gellar's whereabouts:
"when she's not sun bathing in her Marxist-Leninist bikini
she can be found shopping for burkas in the Bazaar, and
at night she is often seen teaching Sharia Law to young
Arab boys."

In an ironic twist of fate Ms. Malkin also stated in the
interview that she has requested she be waterboarded to
"show all americans" as she has asserted in earlier
statements, "that torture can be an effective tool in the
interrogation of terror suspects."

The Philippine Organization Of America, generally viewed
as a strong advocate for Americans of Philippine descent,
had this to say regarding Ms. Malkin's internment:
"Michelle Who?"

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