The reason I think a counter on a blog is important is
because it gives one instant feedback on the progress
of said blog, for the blogger and the reader.

I too use google analytics. And of course I use
statcounter. But each gives me conflicting,
confusing and unreliable information. Especially
because they can't seem to block my visits to my own
site even after I have given them my IP address.
Of course I've heard of roaming IP addresses. Mine,
for example, has begun recently to show my address
as being out of Atlanta Georgia. This began when
my internet provider, Clear, formally ClearWire,
upgraded our service. They explained that my IP
roams because they are seeking the least expensive,
what is the phrase I am looking for: the least expensive
internet time, server space, or something like that.

Of course solving this problem seems to me a matter
of a few lines of code, you know the if-then-else algorithm.

Another reason counters are frustrating is there
doesn't seem to be a uniform way of presenting the
data. And cookies, people erase their histories for
privacy and also thinking that their computer will run
more efficiently but what effect does this have on
the counter data?

And while I'm on the topic another thing that bugs
me about statcounter is that they're alway trying
to shake me down for money. I'm proud to say
that I have never purchased nada on the internet.

Anyway, those of some of my thoughts on counters.

Yes, I think a visible counter on a blog is important.