DADT Repeal, finally!

It's about time the American military gets with the times and repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell. I feel that if anyone should choose to defend their country, more power to them, regardless of what gender they are attracted to. The excuse that it would cause distractions is completely overblown. There is some belief among those that are homophobic it seems, that any and all gay men are just going to throw themselves at them, which is totally unfounded.

As a straight male I have known and am friends with several gay people and never have I had an issue with them coming on to me. Generally speaking, if they know that you're straight they tend not to mess with you out of respect. There sure as hell isn't a secret agenda either of them attempting to convert anyone either.

All in all I applaud those who choose to serve in our military, I couldn't do it. It takes a level of bravery to fight for your country's behalf, even if you're gay.