Extending Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich Could Spell Loss Of Leadership Role In The World

Republicans will sing. Makes me for one want to get ready
for a good laugh. How will they square up spending a cool
estimated 160 billion dollars of borrowed money with their
tax cut treat for the top 5% of us while maintaining they’re
bringing a message of fiscal discipline to Washington?
Now mark my words, people will believe them whatever they
say. People hear the twisted logic and forget how much
160B really is in real life. Yea it’s for small businesses.
Wow, don’t tell me people still believe that one. Someone
real smart a long time ago said the bigger the lie…well, I
guess it’s true. These same people soon will be insisting
on cutting discretionary spending. Let’s see, isn’t that
safety net stuff for the needy. The cold hard reality is that
these folks are mean. I thought the government was by the
people for the people not people buy the people. Something
has gone terribly wrong. Problem is by the time we go to
fix the problems the problems will be too big to fix. Maybe
they know it’s already it too late and haven’t told us so.
Anyhow, grab a good seat I promise it’s going to be a hell
of a show when you hear the music from down below.

Concerned Citizen