Monday, December 06, 2010

An opinion piece by Concerned Citizen

Well Folks it looks like my man Obama is going to throw his
principles out the window and kowtow to the rich feeding
Republicans. Yes, make another deal in the back room with
the cigar smoking politicians. Oh yea, he wasn't going to be
like the others in Washington, that's right he's not, he's worse.
Whose side is he on? What does he stand for anymore? Who
is he? Tomorrow a deal will be announced that gives the super
rich a two year tax break in return for kicking a few bucks for
the unemployed. What about investing in America? How about
for once standing up for all Americans? No sweat it's only $80
billion a year of borrowed money to give 5% of the population
this treat. If he believes like the rest of them in trickle down
economics he's not my man. Hell, come down to the street
brother we don't even get a cool breeze let alone mist from the
rich man's shower. I don't blame the rich at all. They know
how to play the game; that's probably why they're rich. Not
since 1928 has the difference in yearly income between the
rich and others been so high. Why would the rich hire more
people to build more things when no one has the money to
buy the things they make? Again, Rich ain't no fool! This
concerned citizen is starting to lose faith in my man, and to
thinnk I use to be the numer one fan of the man of hope and

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