Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fiesty Sexpot Who Stripped in Objection to TSA Banned From Flight

Tammy Banovac is the 52 year-old ex surgeon and once playboy pinup that made news earlier this month, when she became a hit on youtube, stripping down to just her black lingerie to hopefully pass a TSA checkpoint without having to be at the hands of a screener's, "enhanced pat-down."

She's back in the news this week, this time being banned from a flight due to TSA having found, "traces of nitrate" on her person and also what was described as, "unusual contour on her butt."

TSA has been getting a lot of negative attention as of late, what with the backscatter machines that photograph nearly naked images of passengers and have also been argued to pose severe health risks to those subjected to them or their new enhanced pat-downs that require screeners to nearly grope the crotches of American fliers. I believe that they had every intent not letting this woman make her flight due to her previous objections and highly covered protest to the way they have been conducting themselves.

I feel that TSA is completely ineffectual and as best described, "security theatrics." It's sad that American people are willing to give up their dignity to these people for the sake of supposed, "security."

I can only hope that the increasing heat against TSA will make other airports more willing to opt-out of their security programs, thus helping safeguard the privacy and decent treatment of the public.

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