Friday, January 14, 2011

Anonymous Declares Saturday a Day to Globally Defend Free Speech

The group, Anonymous, who has been in the headlines recently for shutting down Paypal and Mastercard for their actions against Wikileaks is calling for Saturday to be a day for global protests against free speech.

It's quite fitting that this should occur amidst the arguments about the repercussions of violent rhetoric and the proposal of outlawing violent political speech. Surely inflammatory speech is counterproductive when being utilized by politicians and pundits, however making any attempt in limiting it would be a direct violation of our rights to speak our minds, especially against what we view as injustices.

As Americans we take this right for granted. there are countless places where there are people who cannot have their voices heard for fear of retaliation and arrest by their governments. This is the idea behind the worldwide protest on Saturday. Freedom of speech  for those who have no voice.

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