Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Partiers Want to Rewrite History in Tennessee

Tea Party members in Tennessee are attempting to push the school board to revise history books and minimize the negative topics of the founding fathers such as the treatment of Native Americans and ownership of slaves. The group is quoted as saying, "Neglect and outright ill have distorted the teaching of the history and character of the United States."

This isn't the first time though, that changes have been made to portray the actions of the early settlers in a more favorable light. In Texas, the School Board elected to sugar-coat the term, 'slave trade,' which is now, 'Atlantic triangle trade.'

People wonder why Americans have a wrap abroad of being ignorant? It surely doesn't help that those responsible for teaching our children cave in to politicians and interest groups to teach what they deem fit. It's disgusting that with enough influence or money, you can practically revise history. 

Yes, the early Americans fucked the Native Americans over bad. Yes, the early Americans traded and owned slaves. By sweeping these facts under the rug to save face though shows an inability to admit that America, no matter how noble it's ideals are, was founded on some very bad terms. The lack of admission of or electing to omit these facts from history is an act of further perpetration of misjustice to those alive today who are descendants of those wronged by the founders. History belongs not only to those who write it but to the minorities of the past as well. By spinning the facts or leaving them out denies them of their own heritage and history, and that is another crime in and of itself.

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