Friday, January 07, 2011

Birther Defined By A Commenter {No_teaparty}

Oh btw, If you think that President Obama wasn’t born in America and isn’t really your president, than you have the honor of being part of a distinct group of individuals that is likely to never have left the US (or own a passport), to be less educated, to watch more TV, and to read fewer books than non-birthers. Basically, you are an idiot

Hey, it’s not like we should be very surprised that people who identify themselves as birthers have a lower IQ than the average American; the entire movement is merely a thinly disguised form of racism. The President doesn’t look very white, and that’s got a lot of stupid people very upset.

I think it’s funny that the same survey that found this out also identified that roughly a third of all birthers interviewed didn’t actually vote during the 2008 election. Why the puck are you even complaining then?

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