Saturday, January 01, 2011

Japanese Terrorism or/ The People Who Consumed All Of The World's Life Forms And Lived To Tell About It

Let's look at the facts: 90 percent of all the large fish in the ocean, including tuna, swordfish, sharks, cod, marlin, flounder, and halibut, are gone—fished out of existence.

The Japanese, or better known as the fish mongers, are hell bent on wiping out the remaining 10%.

Some estimate that a 1000 whales are killed annually by the Japanese.

So when I see the dangerous work of Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson battleing these whaling fleets I say go to his web site and donate and if you're able join him on his mission to rescue the ocean.


Become a Shepherd of the Sea

Sea Shepherd is looking for dedicated individuals to crew aboard our ocean-going ships.

I would volunteer myself but I have an unfounded fear of the Ocean and boats.

Press Here To Visit Sea Sheperd!

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