Friday, June 24, 2011

Cindy Anthony commits perjury

So while the blowhards on the defense rested their jaws yesterday in the Casey Anthony trial, Cindy Anthony, Casey's mother, took the stand. She is the one, she claimed, who looked up chloroform 84 times. Cindy Anthony is a nurse. Why would she need to look up chloroform? Did she also look up "neck breaking,""inhalation," and "internal bleeding?" She already said in her deposition she was working during those times the initial search was going on. The prosecution has her work records. They know she's lying. But she kept it up. "No, no, it was me, I remember now - the computer at work doesn't let me search and blah, blah, blah." Everyone in the courtroom was stunned. Whether the defense put her up to it, or she volunteered to obstruct justice, the lying continued in Olympic proportions, until court was adjourned. Perhaps Cindy Anthony is above the law. I wondered if she went home and did a computer search on "perjury."

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