It's all about trust folks! Or, old-school Democrat!

John Brown

My psychriatist says I'm despondant and suicidal! Is he wrong? You tell me! That's a question I ask myself everyday. Let's just say I'm not a happy camper. This business we're in, it's based on trust! Without trust, we're nothing! We'd fall apart! We'd burst into flames! We'd be at one another's throats - constantly! We'd be no different than the primates! We're better than that! Aren't we? You tell me! Because maybe I just don't know! It's all about trust! We must have trust! That's something to think about! Trust! Earlier today, I placed into the green refrigirator, next to John's fatted calf, an ordinary basket of fried chicken. Nothing special! Salt and pepper with a dash of lemon-salt. But let me digress for a moment and tell you a story about trust. Mines is a humble background. I basically came from nothing. Had nothing. Wanted nothing. Got nothing. Needed something! Still didn't get nothing! Get the picture? The neighborhood children called me Patches! I had my fair share of fights! And I had my fair share of kisses! But we did have chickens! Lots of them! And in different colors! I even slept with chickens! That's how much I loved chickens. But then one hot summer night, after a hard rain, the men-folk of my town pulled my father from his sleeping bed and tarred and feathered him in front of my mother and little sister. Aticus - my father, had the audacity to defend a colored man! And so....if you don't want to wake up later this evening, staring into the face of a angry colored man, then that chicken better be where I left it when the last curtain comes down! Am I making myself clear? Raise your hands if your mind is not clear! Do you all remember which refrigirator I'm talking about? Because I don't think you do! I don't know how many refrigirators there are in this theatre. There could be dozens. I'm talking about the little green refrigirator with the rancid raisens and the putrid orange in the friut bin. I'm talking about the refrigirator next to the break room! Are each of you now forming a mental picture of this refrigirator? Because folks, I need some reassurances tonight! I need to know that my chicken will be safe, and where I've left it! I need to know that this production is secure! Because if I can't have these reassurances then we might as well pack it all up and go home. Folks, it's all about trust! Am I getting through to you on some level? Because if I don't get my chicken...