Thursday, February 18, 2010

Foot In The Door

Reading Material used in writing 'Crisis People'.

Telephone And Knocking Skills For The Timid!

Harass People From Foreign Countries!

How To Create A Crisis Out Of Thin Air And Use It To
Your Advantage!

How To Get Others To Watch And Raise Your Children:

How To Find Addresses And Phone Numbers of People
You Haven't Seen In Years!

Let Windows XP Help You Supplement Your Telephone
And Door Knocking Skills With Powerful Search Engines!

Make Your Kids Smarter By Driving 10,000 Miles A Week!

Who Needs Birth Control When You Have Well Heeled Family
And Friends!

Fat Is The New Thin!

The Three Most Effective 'Daily Affirmation Books' To Guilt Out
Friends And Family With

Five Most Common Mistakes When Knocking On Someone's

Stalking Skills For The Young!

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