Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speech In The Court Yard

Is this my Lazarus moment? In the past I have risen to the
occasion, reinvented myself, metamorphed into something
new and improved. Well, maybe new anyway. That was the
kind of man I was. But that was the past. But unfortunately
the ravages of time and bad decisions have rendered their
cruel unerring consequential verdict. I stand before you
today a lesser man.The man who stands before you today
would probably appear weak to his enemies for revealing
his weaknesses in a public forum.

While I have equivocated in the past I want to be unequivocal
today. I want to seem as clear as a bell. I'm a broken pile
of bones, a has been, a shadow of my former self. Let me
put it another way, it was the winter of our discontent...


Thank you Senator Joe Wilson for that shout out.

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